What Kind of Insurance Does Your Yacht Need?

pleasure boat insurance

When you use a boat for business purposes, insurance is an important consideration. When it comes to researching pleasure boat insurance wholesalers, what should you look for? Here are some key coverage types to look for.

General Liability

It’s hard to think of everything that could happen on your boat, so general liability means you don’t have to get “twisted-ankle coverage” or “damage-due-to-pets coverage.” This kind of coverage may protect you in the event of common and uncommon mishaps.

Workers Compensation

For large boats with a staff, workers compensation covers accident an injury to your employees. This could include injuries that happen because of stormy waters or simple mistakes. This way, you won’t incur the double cost of paying out of pocket for an injured employee and finding a temporary replacement.

Ship Repairs Legal Lability

Even in the best conditions, regular maintenance and repair is just part of owning a boat. Coverage for this is easier to budget for since it is a regular payment. That way, if something unexpected happens and you need repairs sooner than expected, you may be covered.

Pleasure boat insurance wholesalers want what’s best for your boat and your business. Coverage means accidents and poor weather are less likely to put you under. Find a reliable wholesaler in your area who can answer all your questions.