An Introduction to Staffing Insurance

Staffing insurance

Staffing firms have a unique set of liabilities that arise from the nature of their business models. With employees working for clients and on client sites, your liability picture becomes increasing more complex. Staffing insurance exists to shield you against major losses incurred from claims in these situations, as well as protect you as you assume other kinds of risks common in your industry.

Many Different Products for Many Different Needs

Depending on the needs of your company, powerful products exist that can be packaged together as part of your staffing insurance solution. In addition to general liability, products such as professional liability address multiple aspects of your business model: placement of a worker, the services they deliver and additional options your firm provides to clients. Fiduciary liability is essential to have if you play any part in managing a client’s employee benefits plan, and property and inland marine covers losses to buildings, their contents and items that may be in transport. Owned auto, or commercial auto, is essential if you have a fleet of company vehicles.

With multifarious types of coverage that exist, your agent can easily recommend a staffing insurance package that meets your company’s needs. That’s important, considering how critical having a hedge against significant financial losses is in your industry. No matter what services you provide to clients, there is an insurance policy made to cover your risks.