Insurance Solutions for Interstate Trucking

interstate trucking liability program

If you’re in the business of shipping moving goods across that lines you may be in need of a interstate trucking liability program. You may also be wondering about the types of things included in such policies. Depending on your companies needs you may find several policies are a good fit. Here are a few of the things you can expect to see in them.

Interstate policies are designed to cover the transport of merchandise across state lines. These policies may cover two or more states and the radius covered should be clearly listed in the policy’s terms. Depending on the plan a truck may be covered regardless of if it’s carrying cargo at the time of an incident. Coverage could also be written to cover a specific type of cargo such as produce or general freight. Most plans include liability, trailer interchange, and damage or towing needs.

When you’ve found the right interstate trucking liability program for your needs you can rest assured that your trucks and drivers are appropriately covered. An interstate policy can cover your employees in any state listed in your plan. Policies can include liability, towing needs, and trailer interchange. They may even be designed to cover a specific type of vehicle or merchandise. If you’re interested in learning more it’s a good idea to contact an insurance professional.