What Insurance Does Your Small Business Need?

business insurance in Orange County

When starting a small business, you’ll need to purchase business insurance in Orange County to cover your assets in case anything goes wrong. With so many policies available, how do you know what you need? Here’s a list of insurance types that might work best for your small business.

Liability insurance is important. People today can be quick to sue if they have an accident or feel you’ve been negligent. If someone is injured on your property, general liability insurance will cover any court fees that might come up. If a product you sell causes damage, product liability insurance can cover those costs. Errors in service are also covered if you buy a professional liability policy.

Another imperative policy is property insurance. If something happens to your place of business that ruins your office, your equipment or your inventory, you need a policy that will help pay to replace them. Make sure you check your policy to find out what causes of damage are covered. Some may even pay for removing debris or repairing equipment.

Internet hackers make doing business online a scary venture. You may want to pay for data compromise insurance to pay for legal costs if your data is breached. Customers and employees can become angry and sue if you accidentally leak their personal data.

When you own a small business, it’s important to have the right insurance to pay for mishaps should anything happen. Buying business insurance in Orange County can keep your business safely running and keep you from paying for problems out of pocket.