Insurance Options for Businesses

Commercial package policy in Carmel

There are two major options to consider when choosing insurance to cover your business. A business owner’s policy (BOP) and a commercial package policy in Carmel each have their advantages in covering risks that businesses encounter.

BOP Coverage

A BOP is complete coverage for risks that are common for your business type. Property insurance insures the building, personal property at the business location, and business equipment. It also provides business interruption insurance so that bills can still be paid even when your business is closed. Specific damages to glass or signage can also be included in the policy. Property away from the business location and crime coverage fit into the BOP as well.

Commercial Package Coverage

A commercial package policy in Carmel allows you to pick specific policies that you need for the unique needs of your business and bundle them into one package. Your policy will have the exact protection you need and combining multiple policies into one package can qualify you for a discount on your premium.

The Difference

The difference between a BOP and a commercial package is one of individual choice. A BOP is a policy that is pre-planned to address common needs for your sector of business. A commercial package policy is put together with input from the business owner to address the individual needs of the business.