Insurance Needs for Public Agencies

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Municipalities & public entities have unique insurance needs. Unlike standard businesses, they don’t offer a specific product or service, and unlike most agencies, they don’t serve a specific type of clientele. Local government agencies serve all community members and provide services that range in scope from issuing parking citations to providing safe drinking water. Because of their diverse nature, they require specialized insurance coverage. More detailed information about the types of policies available can be viewed at

Municipal Insurance Policies

Below are some of the most common insurance policies that municipalities carry.

General Liability

General Liability policies protect public agencies from any type of generalized claims that entail property damage and bodily injuries. Coverage will help pay for attorney fees and medical expenses that result from damage or injury.

Property Insurance

This coverage reimburses agencies for costs resulting from property-related damage, theft or injury. These policies are critical because of the number of facilities that public agencies manage. Municipalities own and manage everything from swimming pools and senior centers to skateboard parks and streets.


Public agencies also own and manage many vehicles, sometimes entire fleets, that serve a multitude of purposes.

Workers’ Compensation

Local agencies can have several thousand employees, so this coverage is critical.

Cyber Liability

As more and more business is being conducted online there is a substantial increase in internet-related crimes that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to remedy.