Insurance for Libraries: Protecting Your Community’s Assets

Library insurance

Libraries often provide invaluable resources, activities and support to local communities. Many of these resources, like books, computers, special collections, DVDs and art can be expensive to repair or replace if damaged, and this is only the beginning of the risks involved in running a library. Patrons or employees could be hurt on the premises, data could be taken illegally, and plants on the property could be damaged. Library insurance can cover many different areas of exposure, allowing workers and patrons alike to enjoy the library with confidence.

There are insurance policies available for many different types of libraries, including medical and research libraries. D&O insurance can help protect board members and volunteers while workers compensation can help injured staff return to work quickly. Cyber coverage can help protect the library in case of a data breach, which should be important to those invested in protecting the information of their patrons. Other types of coverage can help protect the building and security practices as well as outdoor features that could be damaged. Valuable assets will vary from library to library, which is why a trusted insurance agent can help assess the risks and coverage amounts needed. If you think your library could benefit from library insurance, consult an experienced insurance agent to explore the many policies available.