Insurance for Engineers: A Step Beyond General Liability Coverage

engineer liability insurance

A common mistake that professionals like engineers can make may be to assume that a general liability insurance policy can cover all their liabilities. If you are an engineer, it can be important to familiarize yourself with industry-specific coverage such as engineer liability insurance.

Coverage for Mistakes and Negligence

No matter how good you may be or how meticulous you may be in your business, mistakes can happen. Likewise, if you own an engineering firm, you may not be able to control the acts of others who could be negligent in their duties. Errors and omissions insurance can cover professional exclusions of a general liability policy such as acts that may be specifically related to the way services are provided. This can include negligence, mistakes or even baseless accusations that an engineer’s work was poorly performed, and an injury or loss may have occurred as a result.

Customized Packages Based on Services

Most engineer liability insurance packages can be customized to fit the specific needs of a firm. If a firm utilizes independent contractors, plans can be created to provide coverage for them in the same manner that an employee may be covered. Plans may also be customized to cover financial liability for specific risks that may be associated with the types of services that an engineering firm may provide.