Insurance Designed to Protect Coin-Operated Laundromats

Coin-operated laundromat insurance

Coin-operated laundromats are a helpful option for people who are unable to do laundry at home. These businesses offer the use of laundry equipment by simply inserting coins into the machines. Due to the convenience and ease of this process, they can be quite popular, but that also opens these businesses up to various difficulties and liabilities that other businesses may not encounter. Coin-operated laundromat insurance can offer coverage specific to these problems.

Dangerous Floors

Laundromat floors are often uneven to allow the draining of water if there’s a leak. This can make it easy to trip on. Additionally, if there is a leak or a spill, this can make the floors extremely slippery, causing someone to fall.

Equipment Abuse and Misuse

Whether or not a laundromat is supervised by employees, it’s often difficult to completely avoid customer mishandling of equipment. This can cause a plenitude of problems. Machinery can be damaged, requiring repair or replacement. If equipment is broken, it can damage customer items, which would then need to be replaced. Customers could also injure themselves by misusing machinery, or their children could be hurt playing with or around the equipment.


Businesses where people are handling various, potentially valuable, items can be an easy target for theft. If the business has to provide constant reimbursement for lost or stolen items, it can be quite costly.

These are only a few of many issues that are specific to laundromat businesses. Coin-operated laundromat insurance is a smart choice because it was developed with these needs in mind.