Insurance Coverages for Companies in the Retail Industry

Comprehensive retail business insurance is essential to retail risk management. In this industry, owners must take strategic measures to mitigate their risk of liability and loss. 

Business Interruption

An event that prevents a retail store from stocking its shelves and opening its doors can put the business in serious financial jeopardy. A policy that gives retailers’ compensation for lost revenue while they are unable to operate could prove to be a vital safeguard.

Employment Practice Liability

Good human resources management is a key component of running a successful business. Employment pracices liability policy protects companies from common lcaims involving wage and hour violations, discrimination, and other federal protections for employees.

Workers’ Compensation

Retailers must typically offer workers’ compensation benefits to employees as a matter of state law. Companies may be able to reduce claims by implementing safety programs and training opportunities.

Cyber Liability

Retailers who do business with customers online or store customers’ information electronically need to be ready to handle a cyber attack. Including cyber liability coverage in a business insurance package can help retailers mitigate harm from a breach.   

Insurance must address retail business’ unique risk exposures. Multiple lines of coverage from a single carrier may be the most cost-effective and comprehensive way for them to insure their operations.