Insurance Coverage for When Your Dog Bites

dog bite victims

Dog owners need insurance that will protect them from lawsuits resulting from injuries caused by their dogs. Some owners may have difficulty obtaining a policy for canine liability. Policies for canine inflicted injuries should be made available and affordable to dog owners, since no one who can be found liable for injuries to another person should be exempt from coverage. Most homeowners do have the option of having dog bite homeowners insurance included in their policy.

Statistics reveal why coverage is vital

Consider the fact that, of the 800,000 annual dog bite victims that require medical attention in the US, more than half of them are children. Aside from the trauma they may face, which could last years or even a lifetime, the medical costs and other tangible losses stemming from a bite, especially if occurring to the facial area, could range from the tens of thousands of dollars, to hundreds of thousands and beyond.

Consider the fact that an extremely large judgment could be quite detrimental to a homeowner. A dog owner deemed liable for a major injury might literally lose their home, which is why homeowners insurance without protection against dog bites just isn’t sound management. No one should put their home and possessions at risk because they failed to have a policy that provides such needed protection.

The size of the dog isn’t necessarily a major factor, since 5-pound dogs or other smaller canines can inflict severe damage as well. Still, it is debated as to whether owners of smaller dogs should have to pay the same amount as the owners of ones that are bigger, stronger, and capable of inflicting more severe injuries. There are obvious distinctions among different types of dogs, in that smaller dogs generally are incapable of inflicting the same degree of damage that can be done by larger ones.

When it comes to having multiple dogs, because a pack of dogs may rile each other up and therefore be more likely to be a danger to strangers than a single pet, those owners will need adequate dog bite homeowners insurance for the entire pack. The bottom line is, your policies need to offer protection to both, you the owner and any potential victims of your pet or pets.