Insurance for the California Dream and Boats

Insurance for California boats

If you are living the California dream, you need insurance to protect all your assets. You likely need auto and home insurance, and if your dream includes a boat, you need boat insurance as well. Insurance for California boats can be complicated, like all insurance, and you should consult an experienced insurance expert to ensure you have the right protection for your vessel. Whether you own a fishing boat, sailboat or dreamboat, it is important to have adequate insurance that covers your risks on the water and off.

Protection on Land and Sea

When purchasing insurance for California boats, carefully consider your risks on land as well as sea. Your boat may incur damage on water due to storms, rogue waves, and collisions with rocks, reefs or other hazards. You may face liability expenses if you cause an accident with another vessel.

On land, your boat is subject to many of the same risks that your home and vehicle have, depending on your boat storage and transportation. Your auto or home policy may override your boat policy when you store or transport your boat, and you may need an umbrella policy for adequate boat coverage on land.

You may be able to bundle all your policies together for premium discounts on California dream coverage. Either way, keep your boat protected from all damage.