Why Insurance Agents Should Outsource Telemarketing

Why Insurance Agents Should Outsource Telemarketing

One of the best ways of generating leads is by calling prospects. While you can spend hours on the phone, a better option is to outsource this aspect of your business. An insurance telemarketing company can funnel leads into your sales pipeline so you can spend more time closing sales.

Lower Overhead Costs

There are high costs associated with operating an in-house telemarketing department. The overhead of finding, training and retaining qualified employees can eat away at profits. Outsourcing to a company that is fully equipped with the necessary resources allows you to cut costs and streamline your business.

Focus on What You Do Best

A telemarketing service provider generates qualified leads, contacts prospects and sets appointments. If you don’t outsource, sales agents would perform these duties. Their time is better spent meeting with clients and making sales.

Nurture the Leads

Successful telemarketing requires ongoing contact with prospects. Industry statistics show that sales are made after a prospect is contacted 5 to 12 times. Nearly half of agents never make follow-up calls. When you outsource to a company specializing in insurance, they can properly nurture the leads and improve conversion rates.

Effective insurance telemarketing is a game-changing method for boosting sales. When you choose to outsource this service, your agency has nothing lose and everything to gain.