Improved Marketing Techniques for Agencies

how to market insurance

Maintaining a strong online presence will serve your business well, especially those tasked with marketing insurance services. After all, there’s a lot of competition, so you have to work to get noticed by visitors to your site while offering the types of things to get them to come back.

As one of these important service providers, you need to constantly find ways to make your website stand out from the competition. There are certainly lots of agencies that know how to market insurance so take a page from their book and give it your own special twist.

Be user-friendly and make your website engaging

The trouble with many sites on the web is that they are difficult to navigate and don’t always present a clear message of what they’re trying to say (or sell). This doesn’t help visitors very much. One of the quickest ways to lose website traffic is to have a site that is problematic. Avoid having bad graphics that don’t load quickly, or broken links or incorrect information – just a few ways websites fail to obtain the desired results.

Web surfers like to have the ability to engage with site owners or reps that quickly respond to their queries. Don’t make the process difficult. Make your online quote and customer service forms easy to fill out and send. This makes visitors feel appreciated, especially if your response time is quick. Encourage any and all feedback, as this will only help you improve conditions.

Customize the site and blog, blog, blog

If a website looks and sounds like everyone else’s consumers get bored quickly and likely won’t return. People like to do business with companies they actually like, so don’t be afraid to let the personality of the agents be present. Blogging is another way to turn a website into a favorite spot because blogs often offer valuable, helpful information to consumers.

For example, try providing tips on how to save money (who doesn’t like to save money?), show how to properly expedite a claim, or speak against some common, negative insurance myths. Blogging is an extension of your website, and having useful content will have visitors coming back and referring others.

Adding Google Analytics to your site can provide some very useful information, often giving those in the business some good ideas on how to market insurance on their existing website.