Implementing Safety Training To Minimize Workers’ Comp Claims

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Your workers’ compensation policy is designed to protect you and your employees from having to pay the costs of care and lost wages out of pocket. When office products suppliers implement protocols and training to prevent workplace injuries in the first place, however, they can reduce the number of workers’ comp claims. Such an initiative can potentially lower the cost of your policy, but more importantly, it helps your employees protect themselves from needless harm. The most common injuries fall into two categories – falls and lifting.

Wet floors make it easier for employees to slip and injure themselves. Pathways that are crowded with clutter or cords that can trip people also contribute to workplace injuries. Proper lifting technique is crucial to preventing weight-related injuries. When employees lift heavy items without the proper gear or form, they can put a strain on the muscles and hurt themselves.

A combination of safety training, clear expectations and encouragement to report unsafe conditions work together to contribute to a safer work environment for office products suppliers. Not all falls and strains can be avoided, of course, but if you create a safer workplace and set expectations for employees to maintain safety standards, you can drastically reduce the number of injuries that occur and the subsequent workers’ comp claims that are filed.