Implementing Boating Safety Reduces Risk

California marina insurance

As the owner of a yacht or personal watercraft, you’re a member of an elite club of voyagers. You look forward to time spent navigating the waters with relatives and friends out enjoying a good time on the open seas. You also have a responsibility to keep passengers safe and maintain your vessel in good working condition.


One way to protect your valuable property is with a California marina insurance policy. This will give you the advantage needed to safeguard you from many risks and exposures both common, and uncommon, for boat owners here on the west coast.


Protection for expensive on board equipment


As most are, your yacht is likely equipped with expensive navigation, radar, and satellite equipment all used to help you reach your destination. In addition, you may also own high-end entertainment systems, security systems, hot tubs, and the like, designed to enhance the experience for guests and friends. Having proper insurance coverage helps in dealing with concerns, not only to your vessel, but to its contents as well.


Issues related to safety have long been a concern of the boating community, especially when related to large, private yachts. There are perhaps more yachts cruising the world’s waters than ever before and regulators are scrutinizing just how operators are complying with regulations designed to increase safety. If you own a yacht, whether you operate it in U.S. waters or anywhere in the world, yacht insurance is a safety net designed to come to your aid when the need arises.


Many things are out of your control. There are times when an unexpected change in the weather may occur. Shifting winds, changing cloud decks, the sudden emergence of rips and eddies may not only be a concern for the safety of those on board, but could cause serious damage as well. When you notice multiple changes in the weather coming on quickly, immediately put your storm preparation into high gear.


Do your best to safely return to shore, but if that’s not an option, just wait it out, have your passengers and crew don life jackets, and be glad you have California marina insurance for any damage the storm may cause.