Hurricane Preparedness Starts with Proper Coverage

Florida windstorm insurance

If there’s one thing that we can take away from the recent catastrophic hurricane seasons we’ve experienced is that many people are still trying to put their homes and lives back together. Which brings up the question, is your home covered for hurricane or other windstorm damage? Having Florida windstorm insurance will help facilitate the process so that you won’t be the next victim lacking the needed coverage.

If you live in a coastal region then you certainly understand how devastating and costly a major storm can be. Take the proper steps by insuring your home or business for what it will likely cost to replace the buildings and contents, rather than basing coverage on the current market values. Since deductibles can vary be sure you’ve chosen deductibles that you can afford should you have to deal with a loss of any magnitude.

Tips for hurricane preparedness

At least once a year, you should take inventory of your property. You might also consider videotaping your property along with valuables and belongings that could end up lost, damaged, or stolen. Keep all property records in a location away from your home or business so that they won’t be lost in the storm.

Schedule an insurance check-up with your agent at least once a year, and do so well ahead of hurricane season. If he or she deems that changes to your insurance coverage are needed, make any necessary adjustments to ensure you’re properly covered in any event. Remember to take time to read your Florida windstorm insurance policies so you know what is covered and what isn’t covered. If there is anything you’re unclear about, talk with your agent.

One never knows when the next hurricane will strike, so take time now to ensure that you and your family will be prepared when that next big storm strikes. A little preparedness goes a long way, so protect your home by keeping up with routine home maintenance. Schedule inspections to determine what areas of your home need repairs or replacement so you and your family will be safer. You may even be able to lessen wind damage to your home by making some simple structural upgrades.