How to Reduce the Effects of Saltwater on Coastal Homes

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However often hurricanes, strong winds or floods may arise, the damages may be increased if long-term saltwater exposure has weakened structures. Property owners can use coastal insurance services to protect their property from during these events.

Why Saltwater Decreases Structure Integrity

As traces of saltwater are deposited inside the pores of building materials such as wood or concrete, the surface of the materials degrades. This weakens the overall strength of main foundations, walls or exterior crevices. In wood, this is referred to as delignification, a removal of lignin inside wood tissue by either a chemical or organic reaction to saltwater.

For this reason, many materials for coastal buildings are designed with special compositions to reduce the overall effects of saltwater penetrating the material and causing damage. Although they don’t prevent saltwater damage completely, they drastically reduce the speed at which the building materials degrade.

Which Insurance Services Are Available for Coastal Properties?

Since building material is not completely safe from saltwater degradation, it can be considerably beneficial for the property owner to invest in coastal insurance services. Here are a few of the following services that may be offered in addition to a homeowner’s insurance package for coastal properties.

  • Property and building damage protection-Boat and yacht coverages
  • Docks and marina coverages
  • Low wind deductibles
  • Primary or excess flood and wind deductibles