How To Prepare Your Home for Spring

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The land starts thawing from winter’s harshness naturally, but your home may need some maintenance to properly prepare it for the changing seasons. Freeman insurance services insure your home, but you can lower your chance of filing a claim with these simple tips.


Spring often brings rain. Ensure your gutters are prepared by clearing away any debris, checking for damage and fixing problems. Look for debris, mold or excess moisture in foundation vents and crawl spaces. Wash windows and inspect the seals around all windows and doors. Replace any seals that are cracked or worn to keep out pests and outdoor air.


The beauty of spring means cleaning for many people. Start with replacing all the filters in the home such as air vents, water and range hoods. Remove lint from the dryer vent to avoid a potential fire. Soak all shower heads, faucet aerators and sink sprayers in an equal parts water and vinegar solution for an hour before rinsing. Test carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms and replace batteries as needed.

Homeowners insurance with Freeman insurance services can give you peace of mind with the tumultuous spring weather. Cleaning and inspecting your home inside and out can help you spot problems quickly, fix necessary issues and lower your chances of making a claim for something preventable.