How To Manage the Risks Associated With Co-Employment

co employment risk

If you own a business that uses a staffing agency’s HR services, you need to be aware of the various risks that are associated with the co-employment process. In order to avoid miscommunication and confusion, it’s crucial to properly manage these concerns. The following guide can help you address each co employment risk appropriately.

Understand the Risks

Before you attempt to manage the risks of co-employment, you must first understand them.

Some of the perils you may face include:

General liability issues
Workplace injuries
Workers’ compensation claims

Confusion may also ensue if it is unclear whether an employee’s concerns are managed by the business or the staffing agency. It is therefore vital to clear up any misunderstandings related to these risks.

Choose a Trusted Agency

An effective way to eliminate some of the risks of co-employment is to ensure that you’re using the services of a trusted agency. When an agency has a clear understanding of the issues that an employee might face, it can be better equipped to handle them. Be sure to choose a staffing agency that you can depend on.

Invest in Staffing Insurance

Staffing insurance can give you peace of mind when you’re facing uncertainty. From general liability to errors and omissions, there are many types of coverage included in a staffing insurance policy. You can worry less about each co-employment risk when you have reliable insurance to protect you.