How To Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

independent insurance agents of CT

Whether you are buying insurance for the first time or interested in a change, finding a new agent doesn’t have to be complicated. An independent agent offers a variety of insurance products and companies giving you a larger selection of choices. Here are some simple tips to choosing independent insurance agents of CT.

Referrals and Testimonies

Obtaining a referral from colleagues, family and friends is a great place to start your search. Continue your search online looking for reviews and testimonies on the agent to find one that meets your customer service and insurance needs.

Location and Interview

Sometimes it is handy to have your agent close by. If location is important to you, look for the ones closest to you or your business first. Make a list of potential candidates and conduct interviews with your top few until you find one that suits you and your insurance needs.

Trust and Knowledge

An insurance agent should understand all the products they offer, what you need and tailor a policy package that covers your exposures. Asking questions during the interview can help establish trust and understand their level of knowledge with the products they offer.

Find the best prices and insurance for your needs by using independent insurance agents of CT. The small business owners work for you instead of the insurance companies giving you better options for you or your business.