How to Care for Fine Jewelry


Jewelry and precious heirlooms are some of the most sentimental and expensive items a person can own. Certain fine jewelry pieces can be irreplaceable. Proper care and special insurance coverage for valuables are key components of maintaining your treasured keepsakes.

Insure It

Make sure to keep stock of receipts for any jewelry items that have a high value or are made with precious stones or metals. If you inherit an heirloom, you will want to have it appraised. Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover expensive jewelry. If you own valuable pieces, you will want to have a separate insurance policy to cover them. Store your jewelry in a discreet place that is not easily accessible to a lot of traffic. Keeping expensive items in a safe is also a smart option.

Care For It

Although diamonds may last forever, your jewelry is susceptible to damage and tarnishing without proper care. Some of the best methods for maintaining your jewelry are:

  • Storing jewelry in separate compartments
  • Removing precious items before exercising and bathing
  • Polishing delicate items regularly

Silver can easily tarnish when exposed to moisture or other tarnished silver. Proper storage can ensure the longevity of your fine jewelry.

Jewelry holds a sentimental value that is not easily replaced. Always practice care for your expensive jewelry so that you may cherish it for a lifetime.