How to Build a Targeted List of Agents

insurance agent list

Networking is a key component of becoming a successful insurance agent. One way to meet other agents who align with your values and can help you get a leg up in the industry is to create a targeted insurance agent list. Doing so isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Choose a Database Provider

Creating a list requires a database. Some database providers target their services to marketing firms, insurance providers and other industries that rely on networking. Unless you intend to do all the work yourself, search for a provider that validates and refreshes information at regular intervals.

Invite Like-Minded Agents to Join the List

Network with other agents in your city, state or even across the country, depending on how comprehensive you want the list to be. Find out which insurance services they provide, what their contact information is and so on to create your list.

Use the List

Now that you have an insurance agent list, it’s time to use it. You and the other members of the list can network with each other in several ways. For example, if an agent in Ohio has a client who is moving to California, he or she can recommend a California agent from the list to the client.

After creating your list, remember to update it periodically to remove inactive agents, update contact information or add new prospects to the list. Check in regularly with your contacts to ensure everyone is satisfied and gain new networking ideas.