How Threat Intelligence Services Improve Cyber Security

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If you are a business which stores any of your information digitally, especially third-party information such as credit card numbers, then it is vitally important to have strong cyber security. While you can put into practice many different types of actions, hardware and software, in order to increase protection on your data, there’s no way of knowing how truly effective it is without it being put to the test. Using ethical hacking services can put people who are experienced at penetrating digital security to emulate an actual hacker attack.

While these services may be financially difficult for a small business to afford, there are many benefits to even just one of these types of tests. Not only can it increase the strength of protection on your data, but it can also allow you to get better cyber security insurance since it’ll show insurance companies that you are well-equipped to handle a data breach.

What Does the Service Provide?

When using threat intelligence services, you are essentially hiring a friendly hacker to non-maliciously attempt to break through your virtual security. They will likely try a few different methods and areas of breaching in order to understand the full scope of your protection. By doing this, they can find and target the weak spots in your security programs. Then they will report these parts back to you and let you know better ways to protect those areas. Of course, breaches can still happen as times change, but having a great cyber security insurance program can help in these situations.