The Home Inventory: A Homeowner’s Asset

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Many people with homeowners insurance in Los Angeles expect to never need their policy. However, some do, and that person might be you someday. In case of future claims, the following steps will help you create a home inventory to maximize your coverage.

Decide on Your Method

You can use paper to make a list or use a camera, smart phone or other mobile device to digitally record your belongings. If you choose a physical list, attach related receipts and appraisals. If you print photos, note relevant information on the backs. If you choose the video method, narrate while you are filming, again noting an item’s details.

Create the List

Regardless of the method, there are many online resources to help you with the process, including forms, apps for your phone and software for your computer. Be sure to jot down (or record) each item’s purchase date, location of purchase, description, serial number and estimated value.

Store the List

When your inventory is complete, save it somewhere safe. If your list is in paper form, make copies to distribute among relatives, friends and/or your safety deposit box. Alternately, scan or take pictures of each page and store them on a cloud storage service.

The thought of making an up-to-date inventory can be daunting. Break up the job into smaller pieces, tackling one room at a time, and start with more recent possessions, working backwards chronologically. For anyone who has homeowners insurance in Los Angeles, having an imperfect list is better than no list at all.