Getting Started on Your Construction Insurance Needs

Getting Started on Your Construction Insurance Needs

When your company is hired for a construction job, you are taking on a significant responsibility and potential liability. You are not only held accountable for the safety of your employees but also other individuals on site and the structure that you are working on. A lot can go wrong, and if it does, you could potentially find yourself drowning in legal fees. The first step in protecting your company is acquiring a policy for construction general liability in Newton, NJ.

What Coverage is included?

Under these policies, you are covered for specific injuries to individuals who visit your work site and any damage that might happen to the property you are working on. Additionally, you may be required to hire a lawyer, and a general policy can help you pay for legal defenses. Without insurance, these fees and damages can quickly add up, and could potential end your business.

Understanding the Limits

Construction general liability in Newton, NJ is an excellent start in protecting your company’s interests. However, this is only a starting point. Construction coverage is a complex world, and you are open to a wide range of issues depending on the focus of your business. You want to make sure that you fully understand your policy and that you are aware of additional needs.