Four Key Insurance Coverages For Trucking Companies

transportation insurance companies

There’s a lot that goes into building an insurance policy for a trucking company and it’s not recommended that you go at it alone. Instead, it’s best that you find an agent with one of the transportation insurance companies who can help you craft a policy that will protect you against the all the risks that come with the trucking industry. As you conduct your search, here are four key coverages that you should be sure to ask them about.

General Liability: serves as a catch-all coverage that protects against any claims of bodily injury or property damage against your business that don’t involve an accident with your truck.

Truck Liability: covers any claims of bodily injury or property damage against your business that result from an accident with your truck where you’re at fault.

Physical Damage: serves as protection for your investment in that it covers your truck and trailer equipment against specific perils you choose or all perils via comprehensive coverage.

Cargo Insurance: covers the goods that you’re going to be transporting and it’s vital to be accurate with this part of your policy because a lack of coverage can mean big problems for you in case those items become lost or damaged.

Figuring out the exact coverages you need will require assistance from an expert. The best transportation insurance companies will have no problem explaining exactly you need and customizing your policy to suit your needs.