Four Claims Associated With Employment Practices

Axis Insurance

Companies with disgruntled employees can find themselves facing EPL claims. Employment practices liability claims are claims made against an employer by employees that include allegations of discrimination based on age, race, sex, or disability or other areas where an employee feels wronged. According to Axis Insurance, there four areas where claims against employers are common.
1. Sexual Harassment. Although this is generally considered an area most affecting females, males can also experience instances of sexual harassment. These areas contain claims of inappropriate remarks or physical contact that may be more specific to sexual innuendos or advances.
2. Wrongful Termination. In these claims, an employee files suit for being fired or forcefully removed from his position without cause or as retribution for action the employee brought against the company. In these lawsuits, additional claims of infliction of emotional distress are usually added.
3. Hostile Work Environment. If an employee feels that the situation at work is demeaning, insulting, feels threatened or experiences aggression, they may file a hostile environment claim. This isn’t directly tied to the company but can stem from emails or communication between office staff.
4. Retaliation. If an employee feels they have been punished through termination or a pass on a promotion, they may file a retaliation claim. Employees who have reported injustice on the job or refused to engage in unethical behavior may experience these situations.