Factors Affecting Your Flood Insurance Premium

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Flood insurance is important to consider as part of your insurance lineup, especially in New Jersey. However, the cost can vary widely due to a number of reasons. Here are some of the most important factors that contribute to determining your premium for Princeton NJ flood insurance.

Your Property’s Risk Level

The federal government has released flood zone maps that categorize every piece of land as having a moderate-to-low risk, high risk or an undetermined risk of flooding. This is usually the main influence on your premium. High risk equates to a higher premium, while lower risk comes with lower premiums.

Your Property’s Value

As is the case with other property, premiums go up as the property value goes up. Typically there are different levels of coverage you can purchase ranging from basic to comprehensive. Regardless of the level you choose, the premium will be higher for more valuable property.

Additional Coverage

Most agencies offering flood insurance have various enhancements available to meet different needs. You have the option to add coverage for things such as the contents of covered buildings or additional living expenses due to temporary relocation.

Purchasing flood insurance is a wise choice for many people, especially those in high-risk areas. Talk to a professional insurance agent about your Princeton NJ flood insurance policy options.