Exercise Helps Reduce Injuries in Nursing Homes

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Whether we’re speaking about workers in hospitals, nursing homes, or home health care providers, the common thread is that they all provide services that involve a high possibility of sustaining injuries in the performing of their daily tasks. Some of the most common injuries are linked to having to lift patients, which can often result in experiencing pain in the lower back region.


This is seen as a recurring injury, something that happens to workers on a regular basis. Owners are quite aware of their responsibility to provide workers compensation insurance, but would still like to keep their workers comp rates as low as possible. The situation can certainly be improved by nursing home facilities that take the time to address an injured worker’s fundamental needs after sustaining a work-related injury. With the aid of a Workers Comp MGA, and running a safer and more efficient workplace they can accomplish this goal.


Injuries to workers at nursing homes are common


Because of the nature of their work, many caregivers generally stand on their feet throughout the day, along with being required to lean over beds while treating residents in need of their care. These activities lend themselves to producing soreness to limbs and lower backs. Many workers tend to become extremely sore from this exercise. Providing them with additional help can greatly reduce the odds of their experiencing a back or neck injury.


A prime example of the type of work that leads to this type of injury is transporting a patient from a bed into a chair. With the assistance of a coworker, an attendant might be prevented from injuring his or her back.


Many residential homes have begun implementing exercise programs geared to improve the physical strength of nurses and attendants. Mangers, by allowing workers to stretch prior to the start of their shift, can help make the legs, arms and backs of their staff stronger and more resilient, which could prevent an injury from taking place. Nurses and attendants should always make use of the legs for support when lifting anything heavy.


In order to keep employers’ workers compensation rates manageable, the staff should practice safer techniques at work. This may prevent workers from experiencing a painful and debilitating injury. A broker or Workers Comp MGA will offer their aid to help prevent workplace accidents from occurring.