Establishing Effective Workers Compensation Insurance Policies

Employers in most states are required to carry some form of workers compensation insurance, though specific requirements vary widely from state to state. Workers comp is essential for protecting your workers, as well as the fiscal stability of your business. Working with experienced workers comp insurance specialists can help get you the requisite coverage for your business.

What Does Workers Comp Cover?

Workers comp essentially provides coverage for workers who are injured, fall ill, or are even killed in the midst of fulfilling on-the-job duties. It ensures reliable access to renumeration for injured workers, and helps protect a business from lawsuits if a worker is involved in an incident. It may cover some or all of the following:

  • Lost wages due to an injury or illness
  • Medical costs from an injury suffered at work
  • Follow-up care related to a work related-injury

Workers comp law varies between states: some states require all employers to carry workers comp insurance, while others only require it of businesses that reach a certain size. Coverage may also vary by industry. Workers may not be covered if there are mitigating factors — like the use of drugs or alcohol — in an injury.

Experienced workers comp insurance specialists can help your company and workers get the coverage they need to stay safe and financially protected.