Enhanced Auto Coverage for Staffing Firms

hired non-owned auto

Standard non-owned auto insurance policies offer liability protection to a firm if an employee is in an accident when driving a personal vehicle for business purposes. It is based on the premise that the company does not own the automobile nor is it registered in their name. Staffing firms have additional exposure to potential lawsuits: Employees of the staffing firm may drive vehicles owned by the firm’s clients. Most clients require that company take responsibility for the liability in these circumstances. However, not all hired non-owned auto policies include coverage for this type of scenario.

Specialty Policies

When it comes to professional staffing organizations, one size does not fit all. A small firm with few employees required to operate an automobile may need different coverage from a firm that has dozens of employees driving cars or trucks for client purposes. Insurance products explicitly created for staffing organizations address the unique concerns of the industry.

  • The staffing firm and their client are covered for bodily injuries caused by a temporary employee.
  • Employees of the staffing agency driving their vehicles while conducting business for the agency’s client are protected against vehicle damage.
  • Coverage for hired or rental car damage while being used by an employee on company business.

Insurance for staffing firms has unique requirements to prevent gaps and ensure the protection of all parties involved for hired non-owned auto policies. Products and services created specifically for the industry can reduce risk and increase business success.