End of Life Particulars

End-of-life planning isn’t something most people want to think about. Yet, there are those who make their living from this eventuality. There are a variety of nuances to the end-of-life business about which most are unaware. From staffing in nursing homes to pre-planned funerals to insurance for cemeteries, most give this absolutely no thought at all.

Home Sweet Home

When looking for a long-term care facility, most families consider insurance, proximity to loved ones and available activities. Most fail to consider meeting the staff, though. Think about it: the staff will be there for your loved one even more than you will at this stage in his or her life. You want to ensure

  • Everyone is qualified to the job for which they’ve been hired.
  • The employees are generally satisfied with their jobs.
  • You see no signs of neglect or abuse among the current residents.

Celebrations of Life

When planning an event to mark someone else’s life, balance what he or she asked for with what will bring you comfort. Respecting someone’s wishes should not cost your peace of mind or prevent you from processing your grief.

Final Rest

When choosing a place of interment, consider both whether the location is convenient for those who will visit as well as how the space is maintained.

While we may hate thinking of these things, knowing how to approach these decisions will lessen our stress.