Employees and Company-owned Vehicle Coverage


Regardless of how many vehicles your company operates on a daily basis, chances are you have already purchased commercial auto insurance. However, if your company owns more than one vehicle, you should have had the standard commercial policy upgraded to a fleet insurance policy. This is the most comprehensive liability insurance your company vehicles, as this coverage generally contains allows for company employees to drive any company vehicle and still be covered in the event of an accident.

Pay Attention to Details

Even though this coverage can address accidents or incident with your company employees, the actual employee must be listed on the policy in order for the coverage to be valid. It isn’t enough to have the coverage. The policy extends to each vehicle, but each driver must be named for a claim to be approved. The insurance company is going to calculate your risks and factor them into the overall coverage costs, so an accurate estimate on limits needs to include an accurate understanding of all the potential drivers.
The professional brokers at iSure caution against omitting names on the policy, as many insurance companies will assume you are trying to defraud them. This could create additional problems beyond the situation of the accident and any injuries that occurred. Always check the limits, exclusions, and details of your insurance policy to avoid surprises down the road.