Electing a Director to Your Condo or Homeowner’s Association

Homeowner’s Association

Directors on your condo association’s board play an important role in your condominium building’s day to day operations. They engage and direct the building’s management company, they make important decisions about key staff members, and they vote on important matters such as funding the association’s financial reserves and levying special assessments to fund capital needs projects. It’s important to choose the most qualified candidates who wish to serve on the board.

Choose Someone Who Is Available for Demanding Board Duties

While there are some striking differences between the function of a homeowner’s associations and condo associations, as observed by https://kdisonline.com, the general duties and responsibilities of board members are substantially similar. It’s preferable for both types of boards to be comprised of individuals who are accessible throughout the year and who live at the premises continuously.

Elect Qualified Individuals Who Bring Something to the Boardroom

Among the most highly desirable attributes of individuals who serve on condo associations are accounting skills, legal knowledge, contracting experience, and real estate management expertise. However, it’s also extremely important for these individuals to possess strong personal attributes as well. The best board members who are most capable of making strong contributions and most likely to be reelected are those who are very personable, communicative, reliable, and accountable.