Elderly Residential Safety Concerns

nursing home insurance coverage

Having nursing homes making the news is seldom a good thing, as the reports mainly focus on negative issues. While mostly unintentional, incidents can occur resulting in severe injuries, bringing pain to friends and family members and unfortunately leading to lawsuits and nasty accusations. Nursing home staffs, generally very well trained, are licensed professionals doing the best job they can do. Long hours and difficult tasks can be draining and may often lead to mistakes being made.

As a broker for these facilities, you can greatly help the cause by securing nursing home insurance coverage that addresses the many needs of the owners and staff, including attendants and nurses in regards to the services they perform for their residents. The best coverage covers medical costs, along with any settlements for lawsuits brought against these entities and its employees.

Accidents leading to injuries quite common

Most patients are elderly, many of them in a fragile state physically, needing assistance simply getting in and of their beds. During the process of lifting patients multiple times a day, accidents can occur, even with the utmost care from cautious staff members. Angered by an event of this type, family members, incensed that a loved one was physically injured, might engage in a lawsuit against the nursing home, amidst a claim of negligence or wrongdoing.

Medication errors can have dire consequences

When it comes to the dispensing of medication, nurses may have several patients that they care for daily, which could lead to dispensing the wrong, or wrong amount of medication.
This requires serious safety checks to insure that medication is given out properly, as the results could in extreme cases be fatal, and the fallout could put the business in jeopardy.

These are the types of mistakes that cannot be rectified once made. A screening process, which includes having someone verify that the prescribed dosage is being administered to the right patient, can greatly reduce the odds of an error being committed.

Ensuring that meals are not tainted

Food poisoning can lead to dehydration as well as cause the development of pressure sores. Make sure that food is properly stored, labeled and date marked. Make a note of any allergies each patient has prior to preparing their food. Many risks and exposures, with attention to detail, can be averted. Having nursing home insurance coverage helps address issues resulting from mistakes and other costly errors.