Doing Your Part to Keep Concerts Safe

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Hearing your favorite song by your favorite band performed in concert is priceless. If you’ve managed to score tickets to the latest tour, congratulations! There is always risk involved when attending an event with so many people. While most concert venues have entertainment insurance through specialty insurers like US Insurance, do your part to ensure that the upcoming concert is safe and fun for all attendees. US Insurance can only do so much, you need to be responsible for the rest.

Know Prohibited Items Ahead of Time

All venues have a list of items that are prohibited from being brought inside. Check the venue’s website ahead of time so that you know what these are. Common prohibited items inside concert venues often include:

Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives and pepper spray)

Drugs and/or alcohol

Backpacks or bags

Streamers, confetti and glitter

Be Aware

The saying goes that if you see something, say something. This is not limited to airports and public transportation. Be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity. Keep valuables like wallets and debit cards close to your body at all times. Stay close to your companion(s); remember that there is strength in numbers. Concerts are a great time and make for wonderful memories. If everyone does their part to be safe, problems will be kept to a minimum.