What to Do if Your Dog Injures Someone

dog bite insurance claims

If you own a dog there’s always the possibility that the animal may bite someone. The pursuit of a claim by the victim when your dog is guilty of causing a serious injury can result in a very costly settlement figure. Without dog bite insurance you would be responsible for paying the plaintiff in this matter. Dog attacks involve an interpretation of statutes and case law, which is why you might want to consider hiring an attorney that can help you with advice, consultation, and legal representation for dog bite insurance claims.

Dog owners have a lot of responsibility with regards to owning a pet. You are charged with the care of the animal as well as the safety of anyone coming into contact with your pet. Proper training can help in keeping your dog from accidentally or viciously attacking guests or visitors, and in particular small children, who quite often become targets of dogs because of their small size and exuberant behavior.

Some homeowner’s policies offer little compensation

When your dog bites someone there may be a question as to what amount of insurance is adequate enough to remedy the situation. Homeowners insurance will in many cases cover you for medical expenses, but this could impact your premiums too. Many pet owners choose to purchase a separate dog bite insurance policy specifically designed to handle such matters.

If you are paying for dog bite coverage under your homeowner’s insurance policy then your carrier should be providing any compensation for the dog bite victim; however many home insurance policies either do not cover dog bite-related injuries, or there might be an exception or exemption in your home insurance policy for injuries caused by your pet.

While requirements vary from state to state, a dog owner should carry a liability policy, or a homeowner or renter’s policy that pays dog bite insurance claims for injuries sustained. For owners of dogs that are aggressive by nature, you should probably muzzle the dog when in public and protect others by keeping the dog at a safe distance. Remember that most dog bites are preventable with proper training and care.