Decoding the Language of Car Insurance

Decoding the Language of Car Insurance

There are many terms that might seem like jargon or gibberish to those outside of the world of car insurance companies in CT. No-fault coverage, underinsured motorists, and injury liability, to name a few. But as a consumer, it is important that you can read and understand your auto insurance policy in order to get the most out of it.

Simplifying the Big Words

When it comes down to it, the sometimes confusing words used in the insurance industry boil down to fairly simple concepts. Take liability coverage, for instance. This just means that if you are operating your vehicle and cause damage, harm, or property loss to the body or vehicle of someone else, your insurance company is responsible and you are covered.

Talk to Your Agent to Learn More

While understanding the terms of the car insurance companies in CT might not come naturally, it can be necessary to your peace of mind as an insured and responsible driver. Fortunately, your trusty insurance agent can act as a translator between you and the language on your policy. Talking to your agent about what terms really mean in case of an accident will help ease your mind and increase your understanding of what your premium goes towards.