Coverage for Dry Cleaning Businesses

dry cleaners insurance

When going into the dry cleaning business, it is important to have all bases covered so that everything operates smoothly. While it’s important to pay attention to the obvious factors such as delivering top-notch customer service, purchasing and maintaining machinery and keeping up to date with all administrative procedures, it is also important to prepare for emergency situations as well. Having dry cleaners insurance can help these businesses to run smoothly without the stress of costly mishaps.

Types of Businesses That Fall Under This Category

When shopping for insurance, it is important to know if one’s business is classified in this category. In addition to standard dry cleaning businesses, there are other types that may be eligible for this specialized coverage:

  • Linen Suppliers
  • Commercial-Grade Launderers
  • Uniform Rental
  • Laundromats
  • Standard Dry Cleaning

Unique Considerations

Clothing care businesses will have to have plans that cover the typical areas of all business. While some coverage might seem standard, such as employee or property coverage, dry cleaners insurance may have specialized coverage for:

  • Disposal of hazardous materials
  • Vehicles used for business purposes
  • Damages for customer property, including high-ticket items
  • Specialized machinery
  • Missing items

Having dry cleaners insurance is one of the most proactive ways to protect these types of businesses. Speak to an agent today about how to get started with a specialized plan.