Coverage Concerns for Dog Owners

Dog bite insurance settlements

As a dog owner there are certain things you need to consider if you’re ever faced with a claim that your dog has bitten or otherwise injured another person or animal. Unless specified, your homeowner or renters policy doesn’t necessarily cover canine inflicted injures. Dog bite insurance settlements can be costly, and while homeowners and renters insurance policies usually cover liability for dog bites, many policies provide inadequate limits for dog owners.

Even though you may have coverage in the event your dog accidentally or intentionally causes injury to someone, purchasing a standalone policy is suggested. Also understand that there are policies that exclude dog bites, as this can cause quite a major issue when faced with a lawsuit. Having an agent that is knowledgeable about this coverage can help you make some important decisions which may include purchasing a personal umbrella liability policy that provides coverage for excess liability over underlying liability coverage, including issues pertaining to canine liability.

An additional policy is often essential for dog owners

Being uninsured or inadequately insured can cause you a great financial burden. The choice of buying umbrella coverage, excess coverage, or a canine liability policy is strictly up to you. They will all provide much needed protection in the event that your dog bites someone. An excess liability policy will provide a higher policy limit for losses covered by the primary insurance, as where a canine liability policy is written specifically for dog owners for the purpose of insuring you when having difficulty obtaining coverage for injuries, damages, or losses caused by your dog.

Don’t wait for an unfortunate incident to occur before getting insured. Many times dog bites occur to people you know, or to visitors in your own home. Victims can be friends or relatives that are familiar to the animal and just happen to get attacked when the dog becomes irritated for any number of reasons.

It’s vital that you read any policy thoroughly to ensure it doesn’t exclude canine inflicted injuries. If, for any reason, you are unable to secure umbrella insurance you may be better off purchasing a policy for canine liability. Dog bite insurance settlements can be costly, so speak to an agent who can provide you with the protection you need.