Cover Your Professional Liability With Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance

Officers and directors have critical roles to play in any enterprise and they have all the related exposures as well. If you or your clients are looking to cover your liabilities, consider a directors & officers insurance policy to provide a financial safeguard in the event of an allegation or claim.

Coverage Available for Any Type of Entities

Coverage isn’t limited to public or private institutions. Non-profits, educational institutions, public officials and financial enterprises are eligible for a range of policies. Plans are customized based on your entities organizational construction and related bylaws. If you believe you fall under the director or officer umbrella, you may be eligible for effective insurance coverage.

All Sides of Directors & Officers Insurance

D&O policies have three essential components:

  • Side A: This element covers the director’s or officer’s personal assets.
  • Side B: This coverage reimburses the institution for the costs of any allegations or claims brought against the officer.
  • Side C: The last component protects the institution if it is named as the claim’s defendant.

To ensure you are protected against claims of failure to perform duties, protect yourself with a directors & officers insurance policy. Talk with your local agent to see what policies you qualify and which liabilities are most important to cover.