Construction Liability

construction general liability insurance

Many people depend on contractors and construction workers to build and remodel homes, offices, and stores. With the risks for accidents, having construction general liability insurance is a necessity to protect both the workers and the company in the even something goes wrong during the building process.

What Is Construction Liability?

There are several different types of insurance policies that fall under the broad range of general liability. Several of them are listed below.

  • Errors and omissions
  • Employee practices
  • Builders’ risk
  • Damage
  • Theft
  • Pollution

Many construction general liability policies protect employees when the get hurt as well as the company when accidents happen. These insurance plans also cover the cost of lost or stolen tools and vehicles. The purpose of a general liability policy is to prevent the company from incurring legal fees due to accidents or miscommunication.

How Is Construction Liability Beneficial?

Accidents happen in every career industry, but construction careers often pose an additional risk to workers. Some accidents may cause physical damage to employees, while others may involve incorrect building for clients. Construction general liability insurance helps to protect both employees and the company while preventing them from paying for damages. Choosing the right insurance can help prevent a construction company from becoming entangled in a costly legal battle.