Why Commercial Launderers Need Insurance

commercial launderers insurance

If you operate a commercial laundry, you likely have an extensive process that produces clean linens six or seven days a week, multiple shifts each day. As you know, there are many places in the process where a malfunction can disrupt your performance. That’s why a commercial launderers insurance policy is important to protect you from gaps in your services caused by unforeseen events.

A Lot of Laundry

According to the Textile Rental Services Association, the commercial textile services industry processes about 15 billion pounds of laundry each year, including 7 billion for hospitality firms, 5 billion for industrial businesses and 3 billion for health-care facilities. That’s a lot of companies relying on flawless service from commercial launderers.

What Can Go Wrong

Risks, whether caused by worker error, misbehaving machinery, transportation services, catastrophic weather events or chemical processes gone awry, are inherent in every step of a linen’s cleaning cycle. Linens can be lost or damaged, and employees can suffer from accidents or chronic irritants such as noise.

What Coverage Is Available

A reputable insurance company can help you determine what your commercial launderers insurance policy should include. Categories include property insurance; machinery breakdown; business interruption; vehicle insurance for trucks, forklifts and passenger vehicles; and employee-related coverage, such as workers’ compensation or medical liability insurance.

The commercial laundry industry is expected to keep growing as companies realize the time and cost savings in farming out their dirty laundry. Keep your business safe and healthy by researching and obtaining appropriate commercial launderers insurance.