How to Combat Internal Security Issues

How to Combat Internal Security Issues

The theft of customer information by an employee can be devastating to a business. While your crime insurance will cover it, it still isn’t something that you want to happen. Instead, you should put policies in place and enact procedures that will make it very difficult for any employee to steal secure information.

Keep Information to a Minimum

Any information you keep on file should be minimal. You need to make sure that you are not keeping information that you don’t need. You should have a process for getting rid of or wiping out information when it is no longer needed.

Have Set Policies

You should have set policies on handling customer information. These should include limited access to such information, handling procedures and storage policies. All employees should be trained on these policies.

Monitor Activity

You should know at all times who has access to sensitive information and who is accessing it. Monitoring systems should be in place to ensure nobody accesses it who doesn’t have permission. This may include special computer monitoring programs and even security cameras.

Keeping your customer or client information secure is not only protecting them; it is protecting you, too. Making a crime insurance claim can be a bad situation, especially if it involves a breach in information security. To avoid this, you just need to make sure you are constantly monitoring secure information.