What Can You Cover With an ATA Carnet?

What Can You Cover With an ATA Carnet?

Carnets are extremely beneficial for businesses dealing with commercial samples, professional equipment, or products to be used in exhibitions or fairs. While an ATA Carnet may not be used for perishable or consumable products, there is almost no end to its range of goods, otherwise.

Commercial Samples

If you’re touring to promote the latest models in your industry, Carnets deliver coverage for a variety of samples. They can be used for items such as:

  • Automobiles, including prototypes
  • Military devices
  • Medical and diagnostic equipment
  • Security accessories
  • Robotic gadgets

Professional Equipment

When you’ve been hired for a project in another country, it’s important to have the tools you need to get the job done. An ATA Carnet is ideal if you plan to bring in construction or mining machinery, or if you need items like film and video devices for a documentary.

Mobile Set Ups

From booths to sculptures to circus animals, if you’ve got an exhibition to put on, there are a myriad of items involved. Carnets cover all kinds of set up equipment, including lighting and sound structures, seating platforms, and behind-the-scenes staging areas.

Get Started

If you’re looking to do some international business with a temporary timeframe, speak with your trade and transport specialist about how to apply for an ATA Carnet.