The Benefits of Transit Insurance

transit insurance

Companies that deal extensively with shipping and receiving valuable commercial cargo know first-hand how important it is to not leave anything to chance. So much can happen between where cargo originates and its destination that not having the right transit insurance in place could literally be a disaster waiting to happen. Here are a few reasons why offering this type of insurance to your clients makes a lot of sense.

Offer Your Clients Peace of Mind

When it comes to insuring your clients’ valuable cargo in-transit, you want to offer comprehensive solutions that will cover their goods from the beginning of its journey to the end. As an agent or broker, you are now empowered to offer them protection against damage, legal liability, natural disaster and much more. As such, now’s the best time to let your clients know how committed you are to their satisfaction by offering them peace of mind when it comes to protecting their cargo.

Protecting Cargo by Land, Air and Sea

Because of the complexity of insuring cargo in transit, many traditional insurers choose not to offer coverage—which may lead many of your clients to believe that they are out of luck when it comes to transit insurance. Now you have the underwriting resources necessary to cover goods in transit worldwide, including high-risk destinations, all at the click of a button.