Benefits of Workers Compensation Coverage

North Carolina Workers compensation

North Carolina Workers compensation coverage is a must-have if you run a business that has employees. This coverage protects employees in case of an injury or illness on the job. It also protects you, in case you are liable. Here are some of the benefits of workers compensation.

Workers Compensation Coverage Retains Employees

Most employees are willing to stay with a company that offers workers compensation coverage. Without it, the employee is at risk if he or she suffers an injury on the job. Likewise, when the employee heals, he or she is more likely to stay with the company if taken care of.

Occupational Accident Insurance Is Not an Alternative

Occupational accident coverage does cover some accidents or injuries. Unfortunately, it covers only about 50% of what workers compensation would cover. In too many cases, this just isn’t enough. There is always a policy limit.

Lack of Insurance Will Cost You

You are liable for your employees when they are on the job. If they suffer an injury and have to take time off, then you are liable for lost wages. In addition, you may be responsible for medical bills and any other legal claims. Often, this costs more than a business is able to spare. Hence, it’s important to have coverage.

When it comes to North Carolina workers compensation, there is no reason to go without it.