Be Wary of These Dog Bite Insurance Myths

canine liability insurance

Of all the different insurance plans you need, from automobile to house insurance, canine liability insurance usually falls short on the list. The truth is that it may be more important than you think. Here are common myths that dissuade people from buying dog liability insurance.

Aggressive Dogs Don’t Need It

Your dog isn’t aggressive, so why do you need insurance? You never know the types of situations that might arise. Injured or frightened dogs will sometimes bite. If something happens to your dog and it hurts someone trying to help, you could be liable. Likewise, accidental injuries do happen.

Homeowner’s Policies Cover It

It’s true that there are homeowner’s policies that cover canine liability. This isn’t true of all insurance policies, however, and often, there are exclusions. Certain breeds, such as rottweilers, pit bulls, akitas and German shepherds are usually exclusions under homeowner’s policies. Always check your policy first.

Dog Bite Claims Are Inexpensive

Without dog bite insurance, if you have a claim against you, it may cost you upwards of $30,000. Most people don’t have this kind of money prepared. One accident or injury can break you without insurance.

When it comes to liability insurance, don’t forget about insuring your furry friend. Even non-aggressive dogs are safer with canine liability insurance.