Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living insurance

Assisted living facilities are increasing in number to meet the demand of an aging population. As your client population grows, your business will become more complex and require superior protections. Assisted living insurance can make sure your business, your property, and your clients are all shielded from potential harm.

When purchasing insurance for your facility, it’s crucial that coverage protects all aspects of your business. Should anyone be hurt in your building or should your building become damaged, you’ll want to make sure your insurance company will be able to handle it. Shielding your business from liability is why general liability insurance, paired with property and business interruption insurance, is a requisite for any assisted living facility.

Operating a business means hiring employees. If an employee were to injure themselves on the job, an all too common occurrence in many medical spaces, you’ll need workers compensation insurance to help pay out any potential costs. Additionally, this type of coverage has the bonus of making employees feel secure in their duties and respected as coworkers.

With the increase in demand for supportive care facilities, businesses are offering more and more amenities to potential guests and clients. Your assisted living insurance coverage should include protections for any beautician or barbers operating in the building.

Protecting your business is hard. Luckily, insurance exists to protect you, your facility, and everyone working or living inside.